The map of the blog

This map provides a guide to all the places and locations covered in the blog to date. There’s a key below to help you navigate the icons or simply click on each to get a name and brief location.  I have now added links to the relevant posts. Note that there will be follow-on posts in some cases.

I’m also adding to the tags to allow people to follow up particular interests more readily – for example, you’ll find tags for the LCC, Lubetkin, Multi-storey and so on.



9 thoughts on “The map of the blog”

  1. This is excellent, thank you so much! I greatly enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Ah, shame not to have the map available.

  3. Peter Macloughlin said:

    I have lived over 33 years on the top floor of a 14th storey tower block here in Sheffield . I am in the process of writing a full audit covering all aspects of tower block safety,and the every day lack of maintaining and managing them. I have both campaigned and jointly written reports on a range of issues affecting tower blocks from: fire and electrical safety, inappropriate housing of children in high-rise, lack of maintenance and cleaning of bin shutes, water pumping equipment and water safety issues, lack of security, antisocial behaviour, and many others. Would welcome any advice direction, and welcome making contact with others Who are either doing similar things or who are just interest in them, Thank you. By the way a great blog you have. Peter

  4. I have been reading the Municipal Dreams book from Melbourne, Australia. Just came across it via the local (municipal) library.
    Thank you so much for the thought and effort that has gone into the entire blog, it’s an absolute treasure-trove.
    I’ll be using the map to inform my urban planning sightseeing for any future UK holiday!

    • Thank you for your kind words on the blog – it’s a labour of love – and I’m delighted to hear that my book is available in a public library in Australia. (I’ll have to tell my Australian family!). Good luck with future travels when things return to normal. Best wishes, John

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