9 thoughts on “Contact me”

  1. does anyone know of a danny watkins lived in downham way he was the chairman of the old detra or dera club in moorside rd also dolly hynes same area any info email please alansden@hotmail.co.uk

  2. Stephen Bartrup said:

    Hi tried to email you but no send button,
    The comment by Anthony greenwood on the Abbey farm estate in Thetford, Norfolk, 1970,
    This is the best he has ever seen, can you tell me were this comment was made , we are trying to protect this iconic Estate
    best regards
    Stephen bartrup

  3. Celia Clark said:

    Are you connected with Portsmouth City Council archivists?
    We attended John Broughton’s recent lecture at the university of Portsmouth and were very disappointed that he did not mention these local examples!
    Celia Clark
    Portsmouth Society

    • I am John Boughton and not connected to the City Council in any way. My brief at the talk in Portsmouth was to talk more widely and I needed the opportunity of a local visit to view and research the housing I’ve described in my recent post. I hope the post makes up in part your disappointment at the talk.

      • Celia Clark said:

        Yes, it does! It would have been good to have Curzon Howe Road and Eastney Farm designated conservation areas, but the sell off of council housing led to too much individual change to the houses.

  4. The photo of Mercer heights in on mercer avenue. There were a row of shops behind you.
    I grew up playing there and i even and knew the people in the houses and flats.It is not nNorthwood, but in is Wrstvale an connects with Whitefield drive with the pigeon hous and Fantail pub.

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